en art & design

A space that people create through the use of their own bodies is primordial space,
one that begins to take shape when people engage together,
taking part in something simultaneously.

We believe that true art is born not from human hands,
but from magnificent nature and the cosmos.

To feel the light of the sun and the moon,
to see stars falling on the surface of the water,
to listen to the sound of waves and the voice of insects...

Through this event, you can truly feel the magnificence of natural light and sound.

With high-end tents ("glamour camping"), you don't have to sacrifice comfort for adventure.
Alongside luxurey amenities, you can sleep while listening to the sound of the waves and wake up to the sound of birds chirping.
The taste and fragrance of all the dishes will make you feel as if you sampled all the delights of the universe.
Our treatments are inspired by Asian, European,and Japanese philosophies for holistic care.
We use natural,organic,and non-chemical skincare products.
Please relax and enjoy and extraordinary time.

You will lose yourself
in incredible expanses of grand scenery
―in journeys set to melt into the cosmos.

Beatiful views and colours become one with scents and smells,
and forge unforgettable memories.
We hope to offer you encounter with unfamiliar cultures and values through your travels,
making for a truly glamour camping experience — "glamping", if you will —to recapture the vitality of life and living.

Where are we from?
What are we?

There's a whole wourld out there —
a world which can offer us such incredible grandeur,
incredible delicacy, and incredible profundity.